ARLA’s History and Mission

ARLA was founded in 1989 to counter legislative threats to the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA).

ARLA’s objectives, as drafted by its founding members, are designed to:

  • promote rail safety for the traveling public,
  • promote safe working conditions and standards for railroad employees,
  • promote a system of full and adequate compensation for injured railroad workers by maintenance of the FELA which provides for trial by jury,
  • promote the rendering of whatever aid, comfort or assistance may be required of an injured railroad employee client or his or her family client,
  • provide continuing legal education opportunities for attorneys who are members of the association, and,
  • promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics, competency and demeanor in the bench and bar.

Through the years, ARLA has held fast to its founding mission – to protect and preserve the FELA. One of the organization’s great strengths has been its ability to bring FELA practitioners together to share information and in turn preserve the FELA for railroad workers and their families.

“Tort law is intended to further twin purposes: deterrence of unsafe practices and compensation for injuries. By those measures, the F.E.L.A is irreproachable.”

Bruce E. Fein Former Associate Deputy Attorney General